Spring is here and people all around McHenry and Lake counties are emerging from their homes and taking advantage of the change in weather to play sports, start yard work, or get in some exercise. Those struggling with arthritis, tendinitis, or heel pain, however, may dread the increased activity.

Aching, stiff joints from arthritis or sharp, shooting pain from tendinitis and lingering pain in your heel or bottom of your foot can keep you from doing daily chores, sticking to a healthy fitness routine, and participating in the activities you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! With laser therapy for arthritis, tendinitis, or heel pain, you don’t have to stay inside and suffer while others enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!

This non-invasive treatment method targets problem areas with a low-level beam of light, causing a cellular reaction within the painful areas of your foot or ankle. This, in turn, stimulates blood flow, promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and boosts the healing process – thus relieving your pain and restoring your quality of life. Yeah, it can do all that!

Laser therapy for arthritis, tendinitis, and/or heel pain can be done right in our office. It is safe, effective, has no known side effects, and is pain-free. The number of sessions needed depends on the severity and location of your pain, but typically 6-12 treatments are performed over a period of 2-4 weeks.

Just think, you can go for a walk, maybe play fetch with your dog, even pull weeds – okay maybe that last thing isn’t so great, but no longer struggling with arthritis, tendinitis, or heel pain sure is! Call us at 847.639.5800 to see if laser therapy is right for you.

Happy Spring!