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If you're living with diabetes, you have a lot to manage, but it's important to remember that diabetes can also put your feet at risk. Poor circulation, neuropathy, and other diabetic conditions can lead to a host of problems for your feet, so it's important to have a highly experienced podiatrist on your side to monitor them and provide treatment when necessary.

At Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists, our team of physicians specializes in podiatry for diabetes care, including the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of diabetic foot conditions. As the second largest foot and ankle practice in Illinois, our physicians are highly trained in the most advanced procedures and technology, and we’re passionate about providing long-term, minimally-invasive relief.

Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists is now accepting walk-in appointments, and we proudly accept most major insurance providers. If you’re ready to receive diabetic foot care near you from the best diabetic foot care specialist in the Midwest, reach out and get started with us today.


Patient with a diabetic foot condition

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