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Foot and Ankle Specialists in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights Office

Welcome to Northern Illinois Foot and Ankle in Arlington Heights, IL! Our renowned clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional foot and ankle care to patients in the vibrant community of Arlington Heights. With a team of highly skilled podiatrists and medical professionals, we offer personalized treatments for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions.

From routine foot care to advanced surgical procedures, our experts utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. We prioritize compassionate care and patient education, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their foot and ankle health.

Located in a warm and inviting environment, our clinic provides a comfortable setting for receiving the highest level of care. Experience the difference at Northern Illinois Foot and Ankle in Arlington Heights.

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(847) 639-5800

Calls are answered by on-site receptionists during days and times in which the clinic is open. If the clinic is closed or our staff is unavailable, your call will be transferred to our main call center which can assist you.

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