Many people enjoy the outdoors by mowing their lawns in the Summer months. We all know that the lawnmower blades are dangerous, but people continue to mow their lawns barefoot. The blades on the lawnmower whirl at 3,000 revolutions per minute and can produce kinetic energy 3 times that of a .357 handgun! Caution needs to be exercised when mowing the lawn to prevent injuries.

Losing control on wet grass is the leading cause of foot injuries caused by power mowers.
Do not wear sandals or sneakers. Heavy shoes and work boots are recommended when mowing.
Use extreme caution when children are around. They should not be allowed to ride on your lap, as injury can occur when they are getting on and off the machine. Keep them away from the lawnmower to protect them from projectiles. 
Never go down or up slopes, always mow across them.
Do not pull backwards when the mower is running.
Protect from projectiles by keeping the clip bag attached when operating a power mower.
The release mechanism on the lawnmower handle should always be used to automatically shut off the mower when the hands let go.
If someone is injured by a lawnmower they should seek medical treatment immediately. Severe wounds may need surgical debridement, but superficial wounds can be treated at an office or outpatient center to prevent infection.

Lawn care should be enjoyable and not dangerous if you use proper caution.