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March 2024

Pickleball Fanatic? Tips For Healthy Feet And Ankles

Michael Fishkin

Certified Pedorthist

"When looking for good pickleball playing shoes, look at the soles of the footwear.

"The outside (rubber sole) should have flex grooves that are multi-directional to accommodate the movement of the game."

Dr. Rebecca Stack

"Warming up and stretching is key to avoiding injury. I see a lot of patients with Achilles tendon issues after increasing pickle and paddleball activity.

"Taking time to stretch the Achilles tendon and calf muscles can help you avoid tendonitis, tears, and ruptures."

Dr. Michael Lacey

"It's crucial to identify the type and location of your pain. For example, a severe sprain can lead to chronic ankle sprains if not treated.

"That's why it's best to seek medical attention for any ankle injury, no matter how small."

Long Lasting Relief: Cold Laser Therapy

When rest, physical therapy, and medication haven't worked to eliminate your pain, our doctors can offer you another option.

Cold laser therapy is becoming more popular due to its effectiveness and minimal side effects.

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Kudos To Our Wheaton Office

"Dr. Natasha Bhagat is incredible. Not only is she very thorough, she seems like she really, really cares. She takes time with you and is so very personable. I highly recommend. Also, the rest of the staff are incredible, too." Terri Hoshell

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Sharing Foot Care Expertise Internationally

Drs. Statkus, Lovato, and McEneaney (left to right) were featured speakers at the Global Podiatry Summit in Reykjavic, Iceland on March 3rd-6th.

They spoke on topics related to wound care, fractures, burns, and vascular disease. Their talks were well-received by the over 300 leading doctors from 50 countries who attended the summit

Our doctors are actively involved in ongoing education activities to offer you most comprehensive set of treatment options available.

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